Olomi! (Water Tanker)


Olomi! Olomi!! Olomi!!! (translated: Water Vendor) We screamed at the top of our lungs as we raced after the water tanker that came by our community a couple of times a week in the early nineties, he didn’t stop though and we gave up after doing about a hundred meters; either he was out of water to sell or he didn’t hear our ruckus which is highly unlikely. You see, the reason for that bizarre...

Original Poem: Ironies


As the wind blows, And the stream flows, Likewise men grow, As they go ‘to and fro’ As time invested goes, So is time spent as foes. For as they forever go, The earth will irreversibly grow. Down, the time will always count, Up, the ages of men mount He came through labor, Only to obtain favor. Quickly he grew, Even as time flew. Then by the way, He has to pay. For as men passed by...