Rushing to Nolandia


Where are you going in such a hurry? That is the question I keep asking myself anytime someone walks past me on the pedestrian bridge. Those who use the bridge (yes, there are some folks who believe it is too much work) know that it is just wide enough to accommodate two people, in opposite directions. It seems some individuals always have emergencies, and do not have time to wait a couple of...

Original Poem: Ironies


As the wind blows, And the stream flows, Likewise men grow, As they go ‘to and fro’ As time invested goes, So is time spent as foes. For as they forever go, The earth will irreversibly grow. Down, the time will always count, Up, the ages of men mount He came through labor, Only to obtain favor. Quickly he grew, Even as time flew. Then by the way, He has to pay. For as men passed by...

Original Poem: Time


The only unrecyclable resource of man,Once gone, forever lost.Its investors are winners,Its spendthrifts are losers.Enemy to many.Friend to few.It waits for no one,But flies away when you’re not watching!