Original Poem: Stars

Stars are seen at night, Seeing one during the day is a sight. If not for anything but their light, […]

Original Poem: The Wind

As the wind blows,We see its flow.Going everywhere it seems,“It gets nowhere” we think.To and fro it reaches,Grass and trees […]

Original Poem: Me

Responsible for all my problems,And my good fortunes too.I am the one and only me,I have a unique stuff that […]

Original Poem: Time

The only unrecyclable resource of man,Once gone, forever lost.Its investors are winners,Its spendthrifts are losers.Enemy to many.Friend to few.It waits […]

Original Poem: Ignorance

Capable of wiping out a generation,The world’s deadliest disease.The cure is not in medicine,The antidote is knowledge.While it makes you […]

Original Poem: Failure

Hated by losers,Loved by champions.It runs from those who understand it,And clings to those who hate it.Its original intent is […]