Newton's Second Law of Motion in Life


Newton’s Second Law of Motion says, “The rate of change of Momentum is directly proportional to the force applied”. This implies that to get to the point where you achieve your goals, you will have to work very hard at the beginning.  Remember Newton’s First Law, you are starting from Zero. The force of inertia (the reluctance to leave a state of rest) is your biggest...



That is exactly what I feel like, dull, uneventful and monotonous. Seems someone flipped a switch and sucked away the color, flavor, joy, hope, excitement from my life and I looked on with helpless demeanor, wondering how I ended up in this horror movie-like reality show called my life. All I crave right now is some warmth in my heart; in all, it feels like the stream is in trickles now and I...

Original Poem: LIFE


A wonderful experience for some,A tale of woes for others.Equal is the time given to all,Unequal is how much spent.Starting point is common to all,Finishing line varies incredibly.All who reach the finishing line are called winners,The few quitters are called losers.No choice is given to coming and going,But you have to choose How you go through it.