Fresh, New, Another Word

Isn’t it funny how we always look forward to hearing something new from God when we have conveniently chosen or […]


That is exactly what I feel like, dull, uneventful and monotonous. Seems someone flipped a switch and sucked away the […]

You Have Everything 2

Luke 13:7; “then he said to the keeper of his vineyard, ‘look, for three years I have come seeking fruit […]

God Says No!

If God says no to something, He means no! If someone says yes to what God says no to, that […]


The name Spirit stuck on me like glue back in 2002 and over the years have filtered to all the […]

Mind Chemistry 1

Have you ever given a thought to how your mind works? In case you haven’t noticed, your mind is so […]

The Call

I have sent you out as a sheep amongst wolves. Your humility and gentility will work with my Spirit to […]