It is evident that we live in a broken world and nothing we do will fix the predicament we the inhabitants find ourselves because we ourselves are imperfect and there is no way we can create a perfect system out of an imperfect mind.
The mere fact that we go from one tragedy to the other shows that the change we seek has to start with us, otherwise, we will remain in the same dysfunctional state where things seem to work, only to take turns for the worse and degenerate into terrible situations which jolts us back to reality.
That some of the tragedies we have witnessed in recent times are man-made and preventable is enough reason for us to realize that we need to consciously work on renewing our minds. Where’s the love gone? Love for self precedes love for others and this will breed fore-thought and help your decision-making process such that you consider the consequences of our actions or the lack of it.
When you choose to live our lives by your own rules, you tend to sink to record lows every single time; and over time, you suppress, all to the point of silence your conscience such that you become numb, with no feeling, stone-cold, callous and selfish. You make decisions with only yourself in mind, this, as history has shown, is a recipe for disaster.
What can you do? While the losses that resulted from the tragedies are real and caused countless pain and suffering, it can cause you to lose faith in humanity when you focus all your attention on everything going wrong. There is hope, when we reach for something more, and in the face of hate, pour out LOVE like rain.
Studies have shown that humans can survive,
40 days without food,
4 days without water,
4 minutes without air,
and all but
4 seconds without HOPE.
Hopelessness is a state where there is nothing left and the proverbial silver-lining is not visible; the foreboding, overwhelming, almost horrific feeling that all is lost, gone and there is no reason to live.
The families of the countless hundreds that have lost their lives are still mourning and for years to come will carry the pain, the shattered dreams, and a life of hardship awaits some of them. You can make your voice count towards a significant change in preventing future occurrences of the man-made tragedies that claimed those precious lives, cutting short their dreams and aspirations.
We have a larger platform in this age than all of history put together, with this platform comes a massive responsibility – use it as an instrument for change. Life is too short to live for yourself alone; when you are all wrapped up in yourself, you make a very small package, making a difference in nobody’s life.
When you get a novel idea and are about to post, ask yourself this; will this touch anybody’s heart and compel it to action? If the answer is no, you may want to review it and make changes. Won’t this make you uptight and serious? It will make you accountable for every word you say/write because they have the potential to bring about a turn-around in someone’s life and the reverse holds true as well.
Carelessly-placed words have the potential to tear someone down emotionally and cause more damage than physical injuries do. More importantly, we need to ACT; go beyond talking into taking necessary steps to lend a hand, give time, resources and thoughts to make a change, no matter how insignificant it seems.

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By Akin Ibitoye