Something we all shy away from, well at least most of us do, but we secretly crave it and would do anything to get it. As with everything on earth, it comes with both good and not so good sides. Once you break into the spotlight, center of attention, even if it is for twenty-four hours, you have gone down into the history books and your every move becomes an interest to everyone around you. 
Then you have media houses like hawks hovering above your life, waiting for a slip up from you so they can sell their stories through their papers, ads, or whatever their means of transmission. 
While you may be oblivious to the consequences or the burden that accompanies fame, it is in your best interest to look beyond the popularity and perks that it alluringly promises, the responsibilities are equal and can sometimes outweigh what you stand to gain from becoming famous. Also, you should have in mind why exactly you want to be in the spotlight, so that when the time (your time) comes, you will not be carried away with its mostly subtle tempting offers. 
It is worthy of note that empty fame or popularity or time in the spotlight is why many a celebrity feel all alone in the midst of all the attention, money, and popularity. When there is a purpose for your fame, you can channel all the clout to the cause you set out to start or support. 
While the spotlight is not for everybody, many an individual have been thrust into the same without ever dreaming of it, and while that is not as common-place, it does happen, and could happen to you reading this piece as well, then what? Nothing! There is no one-size-fits-all rule about prepping for fame, but common sense applies. 
Most humans worship and adore people in the spotlight and often to a god-like reverence, they look up to them as role models (often as a replacement for failed authority figures in their lives) and take in their every word and actions. This is by far the heaviest burden celebrities are laden with, and while most ignore it and say they are not directly responsible for what people believe or do, it doesn’t change the fact that they have knowingly or otherwise enrolled an audience more than all their previous generations ever saw in all their lifetimes combines. 
I suggest you sit for a while and decide what you want to do with your time in the spotlight, because just like a play, it has acts and scenes, and as soon as the curtain falls, your time in the spotlight is over and you will be replaced by a younger, more contemporary version of you. What will you be remembered for?

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By Akin Ibitoye