Fresh, New, Another Word


Isn’t it funny how we always look forward to hearing something new from God when we have conveniently chosen or otherwise to ignore His previous words. We derive a kick out of being connected to the divine and having proof which over time, become monuments, devoid of any transformational power. It is in our best interest to act on the instructions we have received from God, for it is in the doing that the power lies, well, the real power that is, one with the power to course permanent alteration to our life’s journey and make us into better persons.
Seeing that all of humanity is flawed, it doesn’t make much sense to measure us against anybody else, but our yardstick should be the Word of God; that which is truth no matter the time, language and place, then we will have true progress and the only person we will be in a race with will be ourselves.
Once we can conquer ourselves, we are translated into the class of those who can be bestowed with limitless power and resources for the good of mankind as a whole. Conquering ourselves also includes but not limited to dying to self, our selfish tendencies and the ever-nagging-yet-fleeting feeling of security.
So, before you go on ahead and feel all spiritual, awaiting yet another word that will excite you for yet a little while longer, you may yet unlock the latent power stored up in the last word(s) you have received in your heart, in a dream, via pastors, close associates, folks you look up to, and more importantly while you were studying the word, either by reading, listening or watching the word or the sharing of the same. One with the word is transparent because having looked at himself in the mirror of God’s word, we see ourselves the way we are and we, more importantly see ourselves the way God sees us.
Ever-so-often, the enemy lies in wait for us to poison our minds and get us to take our eyes off the prize, even for the briefest of moments and as such, sow seeds of doubt and fear such that if/when we allow them grow, will contradict God’s word in our heart and what we were once sure about one hundred percent now becomes hazy and cause us to doubt and to lose heart.
There is a caveat here though, God is faithful and he has made everything to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, so, there is no single thing that has happened in your life that is not useful or relevant in His Grand Master Plan. When we see that instead of feeling like helpless victims, we are actually royalty with a father who is more than willing to give us anything if and only if we prove that we are well over ourselves and He is owner of all.

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By Akin Ibitoye