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As we grow up in our human interactions, our roles change ever so slightly. Once we looked up to the people ahead of us and all we wanted was to be like them; we were like sponges soaking both the said and unsaid. Observing people with relative influence over our lives and mimicking their every move, long before we knew what was wrong or right. Our underdeveloped sense of morality was the definition of our innocence and made us gullible and susceptible to suggestions and manipulations.

Fast-forward a couple of decades and we are back to where we started from. Now we know our right from left, but the influences over our lives in those formative years have made indelible impressions in our minds. An old saying goes – what goes into a mind, comes out in a life. Now, we see and interact with the world through the colored glass of our past. Our sense of morality sometimes is skewed and lopsided that we end up with dysfunctional relationships.

What is right? What is wrong? The fine line between them ought not be so, if a chasm was separating them, it would be easier to choose, I reckon. Rewind a decade or two, around the time when we planned to carry out mischief; when we started to lie, steal, connive, manipulate and deceive, they were possible because that was what we observed the influences over our lives doing. Saying one thing and doing something else does more than insult our young minds back then, it erodes our innocence and set us up to fail.

In order to make Honesty, Love, Integrity and Compassion values that are worthy to live by, we have to go back to the beginning. While it is not too late for you and I to embrace these values, it would have been better if they had been ingrained in our subconscious from inception. This begs the question, what shall we do about the present state of things? The responsibility now rests on us to embrace these values whole-heartedly and make deliberate efforts to imbibe them into the younger generation.

This, we will do, if and only if we embrace them wholeheartedly and practice them. Young people don’t do what they are told, they do what they observe the influences over their lives do. That is the singular reason why actors, musicians, become popular- the younger generation is easily influenced. Why don’t we use the opportunity wisely and invest in our collective future? The seeds we sow today are the harvest and seeds of tomorrow. Honesty breeds honesty, dishonesty breeds decadence, corruption and all sort of sordid vices.

We have our consciences to help us discern between right and wrong, however, not all of us listen to its promptings and we have seared it such that we are numb to its nudges. When our sense or compass is out cold, then we can get lost at will and justify our every action. If we want a better society for our children, we will act on this starting now. I do not have children yet, but my heart is heavy for them and I do not want them to meet the decay, moral erosion and godlessness that have overtaken the world we live in.

I have chosen to make a difference in this world, one person at a time; by showing love, being honest (with God, others and myself) and living my life with others in mind.

If you are reading this and you do not believe in a higher power, I am glad to let you know there is and while you cannot see Him with your physical eyes or with your other senses, you cannot deny His existence. All things going on in this world have a purpose and either we understand or not does not disprove the fact—God exists and He has our best interest at heart. Yes, He has a heart. We were created after His likeness in the first place. So, if you were wondering what God looks like, take a good long look at the person next to you. The sheer diversity and variety in the world, as dizzying as the numbers are, they confirm unequivocally that God exists and He is in control of everything.

No coincidences with you, understand that the master planner does not leave any stone upturned  He created the human brain with trillions of synapses and they all interconnect and deliver information to and from the body, plus the amount of white and red blood cells in the body, coupled with the uniqueness of each human’s fingerprint, the DNA structure that determines a lot of the physiological makeup of each of us—hair, eye color, skin color, and so much more.

God is real, and no matter how much we try to disagree and argue Him out of our curriculum, He remains. When we take a look at the hundreds of thousands of species of animals and how their behaviors complement each other to ensure the balance of the ecosystem and the biosphere. Then there is the vast unknown expanse called the Universe which sees massive, gargantuan objects called planets/planetary bodies floating around in an orderly fashion with another object at the center which the others revolve around. Chance? Not a chance!

If you are still reading, then you have a choice to make (if you haven’t already). You can also get access to the infinite wisdom and artistry that created the world and everything in it. Turn to God today, accept Jesus Christ into your life and watch Him dissolve your doubts as He opens your eyes to a whole new world you never thought existed, not even in your wildest dreams.

The existence of God cannot be explained or rationalized (seriously, He defies logic), it can only be revealed. You either believe it or you don’t, and this is not a “maybe, maybe not” situation in which you have neutrals sitting on the fence. If you want to know for certain, you can pick up a Contemporary English Version of the Bible or the Amplified Bible or better still, the Message translation. Whichever you choose, read with a hunger/desire to find out more about the God behind it all. I guarantee you one thing though, if you stay and don’t quit, God Himself will reveal to you all you need to know and more. Selah.

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By Akin Ibitoye