That is exactly what I feel like, dull, uneventful and monotonous. Seems someone flipped a switch and sucked away the color, flavor, joy, hope, excitement from my life and I looked on with helpless demeanor, wondering how I ended up in this horror movie-like reality show called my life.
All I crave right now is some warmth in my heart; in all, it feels like the stream is in trickles now and I really need a word to speak to the rock to produce water for this dying generation. “I need your help, Lord!” who knew that the valley of dry bones in reality isn’t a very nice experience. Well, now I know; it shall come to pass, if I recall correctly. Once the word came, the hopeless situations rearranged themselves with help from winds of change from the cardinal points of the planet.
So, the seemingly dispirited situations now will themselves rearrange when the word given is SPOKEN! After they came together, bone to its bone, then flesh came upon them, not before (order, then increase), then sinews, until they were completely fleshed up. However good it looked, they were still lacking the breath of LIFE. Then at the SPEAKING of the sent WORD, they received LIFE and were all high and dandy, or were they? It is clear, the process, isn’t it? Order is the first law of increase, and as such, no amount of prayer will make your business grow to make your desired monthly target unless you put a working structure in place.

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By Akin Ibitoye