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Luke 13:6; A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard, and he came seeking fruit on it and found none (emphasis added) NKJV
Note: The fig tree broke the rule “he that seeks shall find”, the man sought, but the fig tree was found wanting! No excuses! It had soil nutrients, water, sunlight with which the other fig trees in other vineyards were producing fruit.
When things don’t work out, it is almost always our fault, because God is the same every time, we humans vary in scary proportions that thinking about our diversity can be dizzying. You have everything you need for life and godliness, but that doesn’t automatically mean you would. The power to choose is why the fig tree had no fruit, everything was available, but no fruit, only excuses—of background, of past hurt, of fear, insecurities, of unbelief and more; these things don’t change the fact that there lies within you the power greater than the one you get when you split an atom—the power of the universe.
History of the human race has not been so kind to quitters, second-bests or wannabes; it does however pay adequate homage to the originals that dared to be themselves in the face of failure, ridicule and opposition. You would do well to make the best use of your current resources—time, money, relationships, knowledge, gifts, etc. and make this planet a better place than you met it. I am not writing about changing the world on a grand scale, but on the minute scale; make life better for the person closest to you, show an act, better still, sow an act of kindness, then watch it grow and spread to the next person and the next.
Also, the man wasn’t looking for oranges on the fig tree, or guava or mangoes; he was expecting just one kind of fruit. All you have is enough; don’t try to be like someone else. If you cannot sing or don’t have an athletic build or don’t have a pretty doll-like face or your curves are not well pronounced to ooze your femininity, they are for a purpose, they were carved, fashioned and carefully etched out for a reason. Once you find the one positive reason your physical frame is the way it is, you will be better positioned to ignore the one thousand negative reasons why you are!

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