God Says No!


If God says no to something, He means no! If someone says yes to what God says no to, that makes them a rebel. A rebel is an enemy of God, because a house divided against itself will not stand. If you are in agreement with an enemy of God, what does that make you?

All in the name of tolerance, what God has called an abomination, we call it divergent views! Our rationalizations can never make us right and God wrong. We make excuses for everything, just to make it right in out own eyes. What a pity!

God does not mince words when it comes to sin, He is unequivocal in stating His absolute intolerance for sin. In the same vein, He is crystal clear on the magnanimity of His love for us all. Since there is no one that deserves or has the right to God’s Love, it makes us all Sinners who have been showered with boundless love by a Father who longs to fellowship with us once again.

Back to the previous, what we call civilization is turning out to be our greatest undoing yet. We humans are essentially selfish and we cannot truly love another selflessly unless we have experienced such selfless love ourselves by surrendering our lives to Jesus Christ.

As long as there is sin in the world, there will always be wars, famines, diseases, floods, name it, because the devil has perverted most of God’s creation. We humans have this magnificent gift from God- Free Will. We have the power to choose what we believe and who we submit to.

It so happens that we often base our choices on empirical evidence which means what we can see, feel, touch, smell and hear. This gives room for deception because reality and fiction are subjective when the parameters for measuring are not reliable.

Feelings are volatile, they are here now and gone the next moment. That is why we experience mood-swings because feelings are flimsy, since they are based on what is happening around us anyway, and that is also constantly changing.

The problem arises when we want to see, feel, touch, hear and smell Jesus Christ before we surrender to Him, before we put our faith and trust in Him, before we embrace Him and fall in Love with Him. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, doing all that will ensure only one thing, and that is we will never give our lives to Him.

Jesus Christ is not asking you to suspend your lives for Him, He wants to walk with you through it all. He takes no pleasure in turning you to a dummy while you follow Him mindlessly, what kind of God would that make Him? He wants you the way you are, then He will walk and work with you to become who He created you to be. Believe it, you didn’t happen here by a cosmic coincidence, you came to earth because He fashioned you out, and tailored you for a specific purpose.

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