Man In New Dimension Series (BRAIN, MIND & CONSCIENCE)


So, you know how you have always wanted to write a book but never got around to writing it? Well, this is one of those things you write instead. It is a very hard thing to sit, organize your thoughts, research, and dig/maneuver through billions of memory units in your brain to find the best-fit scenarios to drive home your point.
When you are doing something worthwhile and requires using your mind, time is irrelevant but it sure does move slowly simply because you are engaged in tasks more grueling than physical laborers who earn wages. Your brain uses up more energy than most of your daily activities combined.
Your brain is physical and can be seen (via scan while you’re alive, via touch when you’re dead and taken for autopsy) but your mind is invisible. Occasionally, we would point to our head when referring to our mind, technically, that may not be correct, but hey, who cares where it is, as long as it works.
Then there is what we call heart (not the muscle) or conscience, which is supposed to be resident in our mind (which we can’t locate yet), our moral compass if you will, but it keeps us in touch with our humanity, there resides all of human emotions—love, hate, joy, sadness, faith, hope, jealousy, envy, strife, et al. These emotions, depending on if they are constructive or destructive, drive our minds to come up with thoughts, ideas, and schemes to interact with others positively or negatively.
A phrase is apt, which says, “what goes into a mind comes out in a life”, yet another one says “watch your thoughts, they become actions, watch your actions, they become habits, watch your habits, they become lifestyle, watch your lifestyle, it reflect your character”. The above is clear on the function(s) of your mind; it is a processor, making use of the data made available to it. You however, have a choice what you feed your mind, because that is exactly what it will work with.
Once we configure our minds to certain dispositions, beliefs, orientations, we become biased, see everything else through that colored glass we’ve put on.
Prejudice is born out of these predispositions to persons of certain race, age, sex and does not help us give or get the best out of others. In this day and age, the best way to live is to unlearn and relearn all the ideas that formed our thinking for the major part of our growing up years. The word mindset is apt at this juncture because just like you have concrete being set in a cast but not used until after it is dry, that is how our mindsets form over the years but don’t come into full usage/effect until after they are set and we are thus stereotyped.

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