The Call


I have sent you out as a sheep amongst wolves. Your humility and gentility will work with my Spirit to prick their hearts. You just function within your area of calling. Remain original & I will perfect my work in you, my strengths will I trade for you weakness. I will surprise and daze you everyday such that when I do the work through you, you will not be dazed with the crowd.
I have given you all you need, for life and godliness. I will bless the work of your hands. You are not made to conceal/hoard corn, you were made to sell it and become relevant. Most, if not all of the knowledge you are acquiring now is not for you, it is actually for some sets of giants I am still grooming. They will not be able to afford high cost schools, but that is one of the reason I have created you, to provide the knowledge they need and more at little or no cost.
Remain within your track and believe it or not, will lead you into the limelight. I will still break you along the way, but be sure that one level will not pass until you have passed it and of course I will be there with you. Where your hand and mouth is, your money is. Don’t run after money, run after the fulfillment of your purpose (my purpose for creating you) then and only then will money search for you and find you.
The resource center and research institute are what I have reserved for the future giants, to groom them and build them up in me. I have sent you to light men up and point them in the right direction. You will never run out of what to say and write because my grace is sufficient for you. Anytime you open your mouth to speak, heaven will open and your tongue will be filled to the brim. The same grace on the spoken word will follow the written.
I have the whole picture, come to me anytime and I will deliver into your hands the relevant ones for the moment in time.

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Akin Ibitoye

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