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Have you ever given a thought to how your mind works? In case you haven’t noticed, your mind is so complex that sometimes it behaves just like a computer and at other times, you don’t know how to describe it.
First things first, whatever you feed your mind is what your mind will feed you. In other words, it is ‘garbage in, garbage out’. Your mind is fed through the two major input organs in your body – eyes and ears. Someone once said that we are 90% what we see and 10% what we hear.
When information, enters your mind through your eyes/ears, it begins to undergo some processes, some of which includes extraction, distillation, evaporation and storage. When you just finished watching porn, you may not remember all scenes at that particular time, but you wait until you go to sleep.
Your mind will replay everything you have watched, read, seen, heard and extract the high points (anything that stimulated you all through the day), distills them (cuts out short clips and pictures), evaporates them (deletes the low point, non-catchy parts) and finally stores the extracted and distilled part.
The storage area is similar to the hard disk drive in computers only that this one cannot be formatted, not even by God. It is there almost permanently, just like the Compact Disc Recordable.
When you become saved by accepting Christ into your life, and do away with porn et al, you will still have occasional flashbacks of what had been stored in your hard drive (mind). It is left for you to either discard the thought by thinking on something more productive or you can feed the thought and indulge yourself by spending time thinking on it.
A famous author wrote a book titled “Battlefield of the Mind” and I couldn’t agree more. David wrote in Psalms “create in me a new heart, and renew a right spirit within me”, even though the words “heart” & “mind” are used interchangeably in the scriptures, this cannot be said to mean the mind.
A new heart here can mean a new spirit, a new conscience (so as to be willing and obedient). Also, Apostle Paul said “do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” Another translation says “do not think like the world thinks…” He understood the chemistry of the human Mind, such that he realized that you don’t need a new mind (where will you get it from), you only need to renew the one you have.
When God created you, he gave you a very powerful tool to use and that is your Mind. Inside it, He embedded what you make use of everyday, WILL. The power of choice, you can choose to do or not to do; God didn’t create robots who will do His bidding because they have no choice (where is the Love in that). God wants us to come to Him willingly and that is when we know that His Love is truly unquestionable.
You may have heard it said that “when you love someone, set them free; if they come back, then they were meant for you in the first place, and if not, forget them and move on”. God loves us so much but He wants us to know it and that is why He released us by giving us choices, you can choose to yield to His calls or shun him outrightly (like we’ve been doing most of our lives).
Now that you know how your Mind works, it will be easier for you to conquer the daily battles that ravages your Mind on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Remember these, that once you are in Christ;
*You are Destined to win those battles
*You have help available whenever you need it
*You become stronger with each victory
*You are entitled to the spoils of those battles (strength)
*You are more than a conqueror (someone who is a champion warrior, yep, you are more than that)

Jesus is the answer! You have to know Him.
Jesus is the Way! You need to know Him.
Jesus is the Truth! You need Him.
Jesus is the Life! You can’t live a meaningful life without Him.

If you are saved, speak to someone about Christ today. Keep Conquering.

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