It’s Impossible? For Your Level Maybe!


The word “impossible” is used when we get to the limit of our abilities, when we know better, the word fades away and it becomes “I’m possible”.
I remember vividly in elementary school, we were taught that
1+2=3, but
You can imagine my shock when I got into high school and we were taught that
I was like, are you kidding me? Then it was time for the square roots, cube roots, exponential factors, quadratic equations and one we aptly labeled “almighty formula”. We were taught that
The square root of 4 is 2, but that
The square root of -1 is impossible.
Off to college and in the very first class, learned that
The square root of -1 is i.
Then discovered that
1= Cos^2 # + Sin^2 # (where # is theta, from the Greek alphabet)
It was becoming ridiculous for me, but then I thought, maybe they (whoever was in charge of the curriculum) thought that it is better to give it to us in bits and pieces, like in unveiling a new product or service.
You can’t fault the thought though, it was a lot to take on at that time and they really expanded our thought processes, especially the word problems.
Looking back now, impossible was possible for my small mind back in elementary school, and as it expanded, the word gradually slipped out, until the next big thing. My thought, we will always face impossible situations until we become bigger, wiser, smarter, more knowledgeable to successfully execute the challenge.
One advantage we have is that our mind is like a rubber band, once expanded and released, returns, but not to its original state, it retains some of the stretch due to the stress that it was subjected to. The longer a rubber band is subjected to a stretch, the more likely it is to retain a greater portion of the stretch after the stress has been removed.
With the above in mind, you can take on challenges that you deem impossible, if only to gain the experience,

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