How to become a World Shaker


Question // Sunday, March 27th 2005
You have been telling people “you are a world shaker” and you don’t say how. How does an average youth become a world shaker?
Answer // Wednesday, March 30th 2005
An average youth can become a world shaker that (s)he is by discovering who (s)he is! Discovering the “why” purpose for which (s)he is created at all. Discovery of self and purpose will put one on the road to the fulfillment.
Commitment to the purpose will keep you on that road, because as you keep your eyes on the end result–which can include you discussing with world leaders, presidents, statesmen, leaders of industries, et al dictating their economic, political and social affairs, the idea should keep you on track.
If you check very well, your future is not one faraway place that you are trying to get information about, your future is here, how today is treated readily transcends to your future. Your today was yesterday’s future.
When the question “why” has been answered, the future takes shape and you will already know which path to take and which not to. If the average youth can set his/her mind on serving others, helping others, making lives better, (s)he will be shot to the top quite steadily. A wonderful quote captures the thought superbly 
“if you jump up, you will come right back down, but if you grow up, you stay up”.
Once you solve a problem, you are entitled to get paid, that is where your money is, not in government contracts, and appointments. Solve problems for people and they will be willing to part with their hard-earned money.
You are a World Shaker.

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