LIF101 Quotes

*We do NOT See people the way they are, we See them the way we ARE. Our past distorts our outlook to Life, let go of the hurts.
*Ultimately, revenge leaves the avenger worse off than the initial wrong that was meted out. Learn to let go, for your own good.
*When everyone around you seems to be doing or saying the wrong things and is irritating, check your attitude. It may be stinking.
*Your predominant thoughts will ultimately become your reality, so, why not engage productive thinking and be better off later on.
*We are social beings and our success is defined by how much we help the people around us succeed.
*We all have our place in this world; don’t let anyone trivialize your role. None is more important than the other, puzzle pieces we.
*What happened to you is not news, it has happened to others before; how you happened to it is news because it’s unique.
*While some are pilots, some are aeronautical engineers. People see the pilot but forget the man behind the scene, equally important.

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