A plane without a compass is destined for the mountains to be doomed, likewise a ship without a lighthouse is destined for the rocks and a ship without a compass will only sail in circles, subjected to the elements and will not get anywhere. The purpose of an airplane is to fly, a ship is to float on water, a car is to travel on the ground, a train is made to move on its rail. A space shuttle is designed to move out of the earth’s orbit, a chair is made for sitting, a pen is meant for writing, the nose is made for breathing, and the legs are made for walking.
All the above examples have simple yet defined purposes. Trying to go or do otherwise i.e. contrary to their design will always spell frustration. When we don’t know why we are created, we can afford to sit and do nothing. Someone said, ‘when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable’. When we are going anywhere, any road will take us there. The only person who can best describe what a particular thing is made for is the manufacturer, we as humans are not exempted.
Imagine! If the petrol that is supposed to be in the gas tank of a car is transferred into the radiator and the liquid meant for the radiator is poured into the gas tank. The engine oil swapped for the brake oil and vice versa. What do you think will happen? No movement! If you miss your place, get out of God’s will or purpose for your life and function in someone else’s calling, there will be distortion in the body and there will be no movement. All this because the whole body will be missing a part—you!
If you want to know why you were created, go and ask your creator (unless of course you agree that you happened by some random big bang in the universe and you evolved from monkeys). He knows all you can be and all you were made to be. You are not a statistic, or a logistic object, you are a unique person, a champion, a world shaker, a leader (in your own right), a trail blazer (in the making), a pioneer, a success with massive potentials.
True success is not defined by what is visible; it is measured by the fulfillment of your purpose. Materially rich folks who are yet to discover their purpose are really miserable, and it leaves a gaping hole in their perceived success. When you were created, your creator did not have only you in mind, He had the whole world on His mind and He designed you to fit in the puzzle and bless the people of the world with your uniqueness.
When God finished creating you, the scriptures recorded that ‘you were fearfully and wonderfully made’ i.e. you were designed in such a way that if anything bad happens to you, millions of lives will be affected, and when you succeed by fulfilling your purpose, millions of lives will be directly impacted for the good and betterment of the billions of mortals on the surface of the earth.
The fulfillment of purpose is the greatest thing that can happen to you both now and beyond!
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