Service is the act of GIVING, your time, self, and resources to the benefit of others. You can’t Love without giving, but giving is very possible without loving. The entirety of Love is Giving, because God loved, He Gave.
Service is a show of love for others, and one thing it does is that it makes us grow strong together in the body of Christ. God is not looking for leaders (not in our sense of the word), He’s looking for servants. I keep wondering what was going on in Jesus’ mind when the disciples were squabbling over who should be the head of the group after Jesus.
He knew that the person that stoops the lowest will also be raised the highest. Do not run after fame, or else you will die trying, instead, run after service. Serve your generation, then your fame will transcend generations. Do not be a local champion, look at the global scale, God is not short-sighted, He didn’t send you to your locality alone. You have to start from there though, and its only a matter of time and several failed attempts.
You are a World Shaker!

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By Akin Ibitoye