Desire Attracts Opportunities


Opportunities abound everywhere, every time, every how and in everything. We only have to open our eyes and see them. When you desire a thing, it is the utmost in your thoughts, it speaks to your sub-conscious mins and it reflects in your actions and your outward appearance. This desire open your eyes to the relevant opportunities and when you take hold of those opportunities, the result is success. When you desire a thing, you eyes will be tuned to see the opportunities, and it is left for you to either rise to the occasion  or sit back and let them slip by.
When God stopped creation, He looked at what He has created and saw that it was very good; including opportunities. You have prayed long enough, it is time to pay! God has created all the opportunities you will ever need, all you need to do is pay the price. The Price is Desire! You only have to desire it first, it must be in your thoughts before God can put it in your hands. After you have desired and you have seen the opportunities, what you have to do is take hold of them and work on them. The other price is to work on those opportunities so as to get your heart desires. You desire success? It will show in your character, your self-esteem, your charisma, your association, your dressing. Then, you will see the opportunities. Your desire will place you in the required position.
All things are first within, then without. You have to conceive it in your thoughts before you can experience the physical representation of it. You can control some of your circumstances, but only through desire. It just has to be in your thoughts first of all. God did not just start by saying “Let there be light…” and the “Let there bes”, He thought and saw all what He created in His thoughts first before He spoke them into the physical representations. Even all what He did not create, He has seen them before in His thoughts. There is nothing new under heaven; that was a popular saying I grew up hearing. Do you desire to get a job? Let it be the utmost on your mind, then it will find expression in all you do.
Imagine! Joseph in the Bible (not Mary’s husband) was in prison for a very long time. While he was there, he was not a sad man (not a small feat), neither was he mourning his misfortune. Instead, it was recorded of him that he was cheerful and above all, he was put in charge of all the prisoners. He desired freedom, and it found expression in his character and charisma. It was his desire that opened his eyes to see the men who were sad because of the dreams they had.* It was his desire that made him use his gift of interpretation of dreams to help them out. He grabbed the opportunity and what resulted was Success! He was transferred to the palace, even though it was long in coming, it came! The opportunity came because of his desire for freedom.
Take responsibility, God will not do what you can do, He will do only what you can’t do. God had created that opportunity of the dreams, but it took Joseph to ASK those men what was wrong with them. Accept and take up challenges from today, it will not be all rosy and smooth ride, but you are assured that it will end with you getting your heart’s desires.

Your Destiny is attached to 1,000,000 others, don’t disappoint them!
You are a World Shaker!

* – Genesis 40:6

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