Original Poem: Ironies

As the wind blows,
And the stream flows,
Likewise men grow,
As they go ‘to and fro’

As time invested goes,
So is time spent as foes.
For as they forever go,
The earth will irreversibly grow.
Down, the time will always count,
Up, the ages of men mount

He came through labor,
Only to obtain favor.
Quickly he grew,
Even as time flew.
Then by the way,
He has to pay.
For as men passed by,
They always said goodbye

The ripples spread,
Like the spread on bread.
Growing as they go,
Not forgetting they have to go.
From the center they increase,
From the extreme they decrease.
With a disturbance they take-off,
Without which we won’t know thereof

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Akin Ibitoye

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By Akin Ibitoye