SCWC Theme Song – I Can Wait


Still searching for a singer who will add melody to this anthem. If you have concrete ideas, please send an email. 

I have this dream to promote sexual chastity among young folks and during my 2nd extra in the university, I planned a program with the name, printed the handbills, planned everything but the program never held. I still have the fire burning in my heart though, and this is the theme song which is like a pledge or an anthem if you will.

I CAN WAIT (Sex Can Wait Campaign – Theme Song)
I can wait, I can wait
The pleasures first, brings pressures later
I’d rather wait, till my time comes
I can wait, I can wait
Taking the pain now, guarantees much gain later
It pays to wait, ’til your time comes

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Akin Ibitoye

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By Akin Ibitoye