Original Song – Zoned Out


This one song means a lot to me because just like David in the Bible, I was down and out. I am still looking for a singer who will add melody to it and use it to bless humanity. If you have concrete ideas, please send an email. 
This is the lowest I have ever been in my whole life, I had just lost my life coach, he was 33 years old. He was the closest person I had ever lost in my short life. Quite a number of folks have died in my extended family, but I wasn’t close to any of them. His passing really shook me to my foundations and I had no idea how to deal. I was numb for weeks and just tuned out of my life, I became a spectator watching movies as a form of distraction for a couple of weeks. By the following month, it started dawning on me that he was indeed gone and not coming back, I miss him every single day. I finally turned to The Holy Spirit to help me, even though He had been my rock and fortress, then it became a bit easier to bear. I moved back into my life and became active-passive, then about six months later, my relationship with my then fiancee broke down and I just relapsed and became very depressed. I stopped picking phone calls, I really wanted to just be alone and quit on life. All my feelings pointed to the fact that heaven would be a better place with no pain and suffering. Even though I never considered suicide, I did wish I contracted a terminal illness or something that just took me away. No such luck though, I had to grow through all the pain and become a rock for some other folks that God had put around me. Whoever said that “when you are going through pain, help others and you will feel better” knows what they were saying because that was what I resumed after a long sabbatical, and it worked like magic. I am not saying it was all dandy from then on, there are still some low periods, but the highlights greatly out-weigh and out-class the low ebbs and this song is a tribute to myself “a survivor” and others out there like me who have been dealt one blow after another by life, those who have been thrown the curve ball. There is indeed hope.


This hollow I feel inside
Kinda like moving into an empty house
Like someone else is living my life
And I am a spectator afar off
The echoes scares me the most
I need help from a power beyond me

I feel zoned out,
Zoned out, zoned out,
Jesus please restore me.
I feel zoned out,
Zoned out, zoned out,
Savior please save me.

The voices up in my head,
Thousand strong with suggestions,
Are driving me to the edge of insanity,
All I crave now is peace like no other,
Will I ever know your voice for sure,
Like a child knows his parent’s voice?


Many mistakes and errors reside,
On the very pages of my life,
Many regrets adorn flawlessly,
The days, weeks, months and years,
Times I wonder ‘what does it all mean’,
Jesus will you help me make sense of it


My life is like a smoke,
That now is and next is gone,
All the time I thought I had,
Suddenly disappears,
Its clear as day,
That I’m zoned out of my mind


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By Akin Ibitoye