Original Song – Redemption Song


This is the Redemption Song. I am still looking for a singer who will add melody to it and use it to bless humanity. If you have concrete ideas, please send an email. 


This is an appreciation of the sacrifice that Jesus made on my behalf on the cross, and a declaration of my decision to be in tandem with Him. Even though I wandered into sin because of its enticement, and I was ensnared in the process, His Love sought me out and in the darkest of my hours, Love shone through.

I heard your call from far away
Little did I know that I’ve wandered
Far away from whence I came
Your Love against all odds and evens
Filtered through the nooks and crannies
Of this sin-ridden and broken world
And through the brick and mortar
Of my stony heart so cold

It’s hard to let go of my lifestyle
With its grip on me so strong and unrelenting
It’s pleasure enticing and promising
Your Love showed me how temporary
All the cares and affections of this world can be
I embrace your Love whole-heartedly
Perfect your work in me and let
Me be an extension of your
Love to the next person

For it’s you I live for
From the womb to the tomb
Your glory revealed in me
Is the greatest fulfillment/satisfaction
I could ever experience
I live for you (till fade)

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By Akin Ibitoye