Only 300? – My Birthday Gift


I just listened to a message about Gideon and his army of 300 soldiers. Somehow, I was hearing something else in my Spirit (got a new understanding, saw in a new light).
The 9,700 soldiers that failed God’s test can be those who in Nigeria now have seen a semblance of peace and stability. And have thrown away their PEN and indulged themselves with ‘enjoying’ the moment. Those are not part of this movement.
Why did God choose that few? Out of 32,000 soldiers! He wanted all the glory for Himself, and wants to make it hard for Israelis to take the glory for themselves. Hence, they would have said ‘the size of our army helped us’ instead of acknowledging God.
Now, the second group by the river who passed are the members of this group. We acknowledge what is going on in our country now, but we still have our hand on our weapons ‘PEN’ while using the other hand to take up the water, still conscious that the enemy ‘corruption, greed, selfishness, and the like’ is still at large in the minds of the leadership and citizens of our country.
We are the ones God will use to break the hold of the midianites ‘corrupt leaders a.k.a Cabal & Sons, Nigeria Ltd’, ‘When-I-get-there-I-will-do-my-own Company’ on the soul of Nigeria.
I say to you just like Gideon told the 32,000-strong army, if you are fearful or afraid or unsure, please leave the group. You can encourage and support us in your mind, it will still be ok. If you look at your actions the past couple of weeks, you will know if you have ‘put your head into the water with reckless abandon’ or you have ‘dipped one hand in the water with the other hand on your PEN’.
My encouragement, let us put our trust in God and pray for the leadership of this group so that they will receive with accuracy, the next phase in the journey of reclamation of the soul of our Great Country – Nigeria.

God Bless you all,
God Bless Nigeria
This is my Birthday’s gift to my Country! (April 21, 2011)

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