There was Teleclass on AIT in the mid nineties…that really brought me closer to science class even though I was years away from Senior High School classes. Now, its one music or dance talent show after the other…as if all the other talents are not worth celebrating. To make matters worse, you now see caricature programs labeled Reality TV…yeah right! 

To make matters worse still, most of our movies have no educational bend, save to scare the living day-lights out of kids and make them suspicious of the world they live in. You can’t turn on your TV at any point in time and get to watch an inspirational music or program! Add more salt to injury, they run 24-hour TV and Radio filled with nothing! Yet they charge the fees of someone building a space station! Then I hear there’s a law preventing the opening of religious TV stations *SMH* we are headed for doom if we do not stand up and take our country by the horn and collectively chart a viable course for her. 

I have said over and over again, my kids will not go to school in this country from 8am – 5pm! Ahn ahn, kilode? That kills children’s creativity. Kids learn more by playing and using their bountiful reserve of energy in creative ways. Let kids play, a sport, hobby, just make sure you’re not pumping them full with book theory, they need an avenue for expression, make sure they get that…thoughts, anyone?

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