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Akin places a high value on Aesthetic Qualities and possess a great need for Self-Expression. He enjoys Working Independently, being Creative, using his Imagination, and Constantly learning Something New.

He studied Physics at Lagos State University, now a Computer Maintenance Expert who features on a couple of Technology programs on Radio in the Lagos area.
His whole life can be summarized into this:  Helping others become the best they could be by committing all resources at his disposal for their benefit.

Akin is an Innovator who has discovered that we all can’t be CEOs, some are wired to be managers that make the CEO look good, and this has been evident in all the businesses and non-profit organizations where he has had the opportunity to serve.

His light-hearted nature will show forth in the animated manner with which he communicates his message, try not to get carried away by his gymnastics because embedded in them are truth serums that you need to move from one level of productivity to another.

You can follow him on twitter: @aibitoye

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Akin Ibitoye

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