City of Flying Helmets

When I first wrote the script about the helmet wars, I left a cliff-hanger. Well, here is the concluding part.Two […]

LIF101 Quotes

*We do NOT See people the way they are, we See them the way we ARE. Our past distorts our […]

The Power of Music

A song can glorify God or the devil, if that song does not build up your spirit and glorify God, […]


A plane without a compass is destined for the mountains to be doomed, likewise a ship without a lighthouse is […]

Original Poem: Stars

Stars are seen at night, Seeing one during the day is a sight. If not for anything but their light, […]

God's Thoughts

The following are scriptures that talks about God’s Thoughts and yours as well;* I know the thoughts that I think […]


Service is the act of GIVING, your time, self, and resources to the benefit of others. You can’t Love without […]