Destination Where?


It is a well known fact that those who don’t know where to go will naturally follow someone who knows where to go, or at least, someone who appears to know where to go. You think you own your life, that you can do whatever you like, that you are accountable to no one, that you are the judge of your own life? Think Again! For instance, it is so easy for you to think like that if you believe that you came to earth by chance. Thinking that your father’s sperm and your mother’s egg came together and formed you is a very good excuse to live anyhow you deem fit.

It is easier to believe that you came to earth by chance and that there is no life after death isn’t it? My question is this, would you prefer to live and believe that there is life after death then discover that there is none, or would you want to live and believe that there is no life after death only to be shocked there is? We are not accidents on earth, we are on a mission and the plan is with the one who sent us. We live our lives thinking we are the final authority over our affairs, choosing to believe in coincidences and natural occurrences.

We have done all we could to remove God from our daily conversations, reduced Him to only our exclamations. We forget that life does not condone vacuum and that if God is removed from our conversations, the devil will be sucked in. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise because most of our conversations, music, movies, ads are all devoid of God and rich with evil thoughts, deception, greed, envy, pride and so much more. We removing God from our daily lives makes us godless and makes us easy prey for the devil.

What we fail to understand is that the devil will not come with horns with a tail and pitch-fork to force us to do anything, he will come in the form of what we like, what we are susceptible to, drop suggestions in our heart/mind, give us time to ruminate well, open our eyes to see ideas to make the suggestions bud into an idea, gives us a long rope to tie ourselves up, in the end, we think the idea is ours, thinking we have everything under control, we have been deceived. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise because the Bible tells us that the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy what God has created; that can only happen if we allow it by giving the enemy a foothold, but Jesus said He came to the world that we might have life and have much more than we need.

We have thousands of avenues with which the devil sells his crap to us daily, we are bombarded constantly over the airwaves with songs that glorify none other than the enemy of God and cause us to draw further away from our loving Father. Hardly will you find media houses that are dedicated to consistently telling humanity about God’s love, we have been relegated to having a few hours on Sunday to air God-glorifying music and preaching. The scriptures cannot be broken, says “wide is the path that leads to destruction, many people find it; but narrow is the way that leads to life, only a few discover it” [paraphrased]

We all are slaves to sin until we are saved by accepting Jesus Christ’s love and sacrifice for us, then and only then will we have power to live above sin. We cannot ┬ákeep giving physical solutions to spiritual problems, sin does not answer to determination! We all fall back into sin at the shortest possible time because our bodies is alive and our spirits are dead. Please note, that you cannot see the wind does not negate its existence, likewise, that you cannot see your spirit does not imply that your body is all there is to you. When we surrender our lives to Jesus, its like a fish out of the water for so long and thrown back into the sea, you come alive again, your spirit receives life from the source and you have the renewed ability to know right from wrong.

Now, we have exalted religion and killed the essence. The essence of surrendering to Jesus Christ is faith. Believing the invisible, and trusting that we cannot save ourselves and we need a power beyond what our eyes can see, what our ears can hear, what our noses can smell, what our bodies can feel and what our minds can comprehend. Trying to understand the whole essence of God loving us when we don’t even know him personally will not do us much good and will debar us from doing the most important thing – embracing His love and surrendering our lives to Him.

Dear reader, I want to ask you this question “are you ready to die and are you sure you know for certain if there is life after death and where you will end up?”. The answer to this question should guide your decision-making process, Jesus Christ is the only way to God. If that is not the case, He would not have said so. Think about it, what does He stand to gain by lying? He doesn’t do that, the enemy does that. Jesus loves you, I know this for a fact because I was once like you, living my life the way I felt was good; but like most people, I was heading towards ruin as I had no future with God if I continued like that. Jesus got through to me and saved me. I beg you, open up your eyes and see these warning signs, time is running out.

Say this short but life-changing prayer with me “Lord Jesus, I have come to the end of myself, I confess that I am a sinner and I cannot save myself. Please save me, and help me become who you have created me to be. I thank you because you have heard me, I am saved. Amen”.

That is it, the journey begins now. God Bless You!

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By Akin Ibitoye