Thrashed Dreams


This is a depiction of the Hopes and Dreams of the average young person in Nigeria who has been sold the lie that all you need is a degree and you will get a good job, settle down and rear children. The entire system is so lopsided and grossly out-dated that one wonders what we would have been like had the internet not opened us up to the whole world digitally. All great economies of the world were built not on job-seeking desperadoes, but on problem-solving young minds as well as some old but adaptive minds as well. My message to you this season is that you take charge of your life, the educational system will ruin your life, ask the hundreds of thousands of graduates who spent 4+x years in school for whatever it was they went in to study. The Solution? Find what you are good at, then sharpen it! The world is in need of specialists, Nigeria especially is in dire need. We have jack of all trades and master of absolutely nothing. ‘So so and sons Nigeria Limited, importer, exporter, general merchandising, movie producer, contractor, et al‘; all these will not help us. Did you know that there are state-employed Critics in the US? They pick on the lapses of the government so as to keep them on their toes. We will not get there in a day, but get there, WE WILL.

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Akin Ibitoye

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By Akin Ibitoye