My Occupy Nigeria Interview


Here is an interview I just had on why I am protesting. 
L: Why are you protesting the subsidy removal?

A: It is not just about that, it is about cutting government waste. Subsidy is not the issue, it was just the trigger to avenge all of the injustices of the ruling class for over 12years. I am protesting the N3m daily feeding allowance

L: Ok

A: I am protesting the payment of bogus allowances to idle, empty-headed, clueless legisla-thieves who earn more than the president of america and yet do not do up to 10% of the work of a mayor in the US

L: Hmmn

A: I am protesting for my children who will grow up in this country, so that they will find it better than we did

L: Good

A: I am protesting for those who cannot stand up for themselves, these marauders will ruin us if we continue to fold our arms

L: Now i understand. Hmmm. True

A: If you have a boss who tells you that he doesn’t know what is happening to the company generator, that the people there are chopping the fuel money, and he thinks the company should pump more money into buying fuel, what would you think of such a person? That is exactly what is happening in Nigeria

L: Yep

A: A whole president telling us there is a cabal somewhere. Why is he the president? He has failed and the failure is a colossal one. We cannot fold our arms any longer and allow our treasury to be plundered by some clueless bunch, na them papa put the money there?

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