We were all raised to be critics and we have so much perfected the art that we have this knack to be judgmental before giving the benefit of the doubt. I would like for all of us to think twice before we get a-typing because it seems its very easy to clank away at the keyboard than it is to voice out our criticism (constructive and/or destructive). My Fellow Nigerians, it has been an explosive start to the year 2012, respects to our fallen comrades, but we will #occupynigeria until we effect the necessary changes not only in the leadership, but also in the foundations of our nation. Love is the answer, and like the saying goes, it starts in the home. Emotionally healthy children from the home, will make secured and proud citizens which is the fabric of developed societies. Let’s look inwards and do our bit to make ourselves into model citizens. We are on course, Lots of Love.

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By Akin Ibitoye