Accountability! A word so foreign to our culture that our natural instinct is to fight the originator of the idea. Alas, it is the secret of all the great economies of the world, yes, including the ones that are crashing presently. When we live our lives as though we will be held responsible, liable, then, we are more likely to think twice before making decisions. That is the same way it should transcend to governance, but it has to start from the Home. What are you teaching¬†your children? They will imbibe it and tomorrow when they become class captains in school, they will act based on what they learned at home. All the political office holders misbehaving all over the country now are proof that there was a gaping hole left by the absence of Accountability culture. That is why a Governor would wake up one day and appoint an 18 year old as a Commissioner for his state. Don’t get me wrong, unless she is Marie Curie, Mother Theresa, or Princess Dianna, I say it is because Nobody is holding anybody accountable; not for the money spent, not for the people appointed (or disappointed as the case may be), not for the time and resources spent (or is it squandered and stashed away in swiss bank accounts). Now we know. Solution? Start today by holding yourself accountable to someone. Always give account of how you spend your day, the words you speak, the friends you keep, the books you read, movies you watch (as I say this, I am also looking at myself and shaking my head). Once you take charge of your life, you can encourage someone else to do the same and your success story is what will encourage them.

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By Akin Ibitoye