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With the boom experienced in the Nigerian telecommunications industry, it was just a matter of time before all and sundry got their hands on a mobile phone. However, in the early years of the boom, the types of phones we used back then are almost unbelievable when we look back now. These phones had almost no features save for the ability to make and receive phone calls, text messages and a few games. They came in various shapes and sizes from various brands hoping to cut their ‘teeth’ in the emerging market.
The first phone I ever used was a Motorola talk-about, then I moved on to a Siemens C35, then on to a Nokia 3410, a Sony Ericsson T630, a Sony Ericsson K700, a Nokia 1600 (it was swiped from my pocket), a Nokia 2626, and now a Nokia 5800. [This post was originally written in September 2010, here is an update.] After the Nokia 5800, I got an LG GW Slide-QWERTY phone, before jumping on the Blackberry train in January of 2011 with a Curve 2 8520. Upgraded to a Curve 3G 8530 by August of the same year and added iPhone 3GS by February of 2012. Now, I have my eyes set on Nokia Lumia 800, and Blackberry Curve 4 9360.
Can you remember the phones you have used over the years?
Below are some of those phones, I hope they bring back memories and bring a smile, laugh or chuckle.
Feel free to share your mobile phone journey with me.
PS: If you have ever been ‘swiped’ of your mobile phone (if it has ever been stolen), please share your story with me, it might help some of us be more vigilant.
Have a very productive day!

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