Stand for Something, or Fall for Anything


If you and I do not stand for something, we will most definitely fall for anything. All in the name of civilization, rights and freedom, we have thrown away real Family values. When we become high and mighty in our thinking, we reason that the manufacturer didn’t really know what he was doing, so, we pervert the original plan. The result? Chaos! Adam+Eve is not and will never be equal to Adam+Steve.
Open up your eyes, and see the warning signs! Our consciences are being numbed by the media, we are bombarded daily on TV shows, Ads, Magazines and subtly, the idea is taking root in our sub-conscious. The creator is not naive, we are; but He gave us free will so that we can choose, He also gave some guidelines on how we can get the best out of the gift He has given us and how to become who He intended for us to be.
God did not, I repeat, God did not create anybody imperfect, all things He did, is very good and for a purpose. Most times, we do not understand what His plans are and we decide to cook up one ourselves and it has spelled doom since time immemorial. God gives us a family to prepare us for the enemy; it is the smallest unit of the community where God saddled parents with the responsibility of raising godly children who will experience love from the home and impart on the society positively.
Little wonder that the perversion of the enemy is targeted at that unit-the family. If the family is dysfunctional, then, the children that emerge from those homes will be broken and dysfunctional. This is the entry point of the enemy of humans into the society. All manner of ills and perversion in our society today can be traced to broken and dysfunctional homes. Children of divorce already have their future shattered unless of course there is an intervention, children with parents who could not show love and care but splashed them with gifts and money already have their future set out for them, the list of ills goes on and on.
The point is, we can not just lay back and point fingers, discussing the fruit (the problem all around), we have to tackle this monster from the root. We have to go back and get it right from the family and that consist of ideally (Father, Mother, Children), unless in the case of death and/or divorce and you have single parent. I am not claiming to be an authority on anything (I am not), I am only pricking our consciences and awakening us to act now before our children grow up to see what a mess we have made of the whole world.
Imagine what would happen if animals all over the world were to stop mating one day and just decide to mate male with male, female with female. I shudder, hope you did too. Don’t mess with the creator’s plan, nothing good can ever come out of it. You and I can choose to shy away from this for fear of being labeled old-fashioned, intolerant, narrow-minded and discriminating, but we will all pay the price for our silence because a great man once said “all that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to stand and do nothing”.
Don’t be mistaken dear reader, we are all co-conspirators if we keep quiet and watch good values being eroded before our eyes. We don’t have to get it done in a day, but make sure you take a stand, let folks know you are not on the fence, you are for what is right and there will be no compromise. You owe it to your children and/or the children of your neighbor. Thank you.

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By Akin Ibitoye