How Much Time?


A butterfly doesn’t get to ask for more time. 11days is all it has and its got to make it count. Each and every butterfly don’t eventually get the credit, but without these dedicated and remarkable creatures, humans would definitely be on the road to extinction. Butterflies rollincte our plants as they feed from one to another. We adore their beauty and they have inspired more than one of our inventions.
Daily, millions, if not billions of butterflies cease to exist on earth but we hardly feel their absence because they have prepared replacements for themselves and the new SET take up the assignment without so much as a hitch because their predecessors have their ALL and set a good precedence for the coming generation- 11days later- thats like a lifetime- for which it actually is.
Our world will be a better place to live in if each and everyone of us can do our little quota to make life better for the other person.
Life is Short, make it count!

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By Akin Ibitoye