Chronicles of Paul Marcus II (Chapter 1)


I grew up with a dual personality of some sort, always quiet at home and very chatty, animated, bold even- outside of home, especially at school. I had an insatiable curiosity and read virtually whatever I could find. I had a very graphic imagination and naturally fell in love with comic books, cartoons and story books. I was a very brilliant kid who had no problems academically, at least not yet. 

Later on in my teenage years, I discovered my strong affinity for imparting knowledge through teaching. In my last year of high school, I tutored some junior classes, and sometimes my classmates. The more I taught, the more I wanted to keep at it. I ended up doing just that for about a year until after graduation. 

So, in my freshman year in college, it was a whole new experience for me and the fear of uncertainty snuffed out whatever confidence I had left. I wanted to talk to my classmates so bad that I had to ease the pressure by chatting away idly with my small group of friends. This continued for months until that fateful day that started this epic journey.

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By Akin Ibitoye