Bottled Up


Made a startling discovery in church this morning. It appears that I have been bottling up quite a number of emotions, and the shouting session during the Praise in church provided some sort of a release that I couldn’t say no to a second and third lung-filled-with-air screams. It felt so good that I felt like I have been walking around with a huge weight on my heart. Not that I have been consciously worried or anything, but sub-consciously I have been frustrated that thing are not working as fast as I thought they would. Come to think of it, I used to write to ease the tension I feel inside. Not writing in a while means that the pressure has been steadily building up and God help me. I have to keep defusing every now and then so as to keep myself and folks around me safe from the corrosive nature of built up disapointment, anger, and other negative emotions. Thinking instead on things that are good, lovely, good report,virtous, praiseworthy will ensure a more fulfilled life. I love my life, do you?

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By Akin Ibitoye