The Change We Seek


I am persuaded that Nigeria is changing for the better; it may not be apparent yet, that is because the change is happening one family at a time. It starts with 1 person taking charge of his/her own life and then transmit that victory into another person’s life (family member).  The home takes form and like a mold, churns out predefined pieces (well-rounded, emotionally-stable, loving, compassionate humans with a bright outlook to life). The saying that charity starts at home is true, but a house does not equate a home, a home is where you can scratch where it itches. This piece started out as a thought and it has grown on me now.  I want each of us to propagate this saying; Stop complaining about what is not working and Do something about it.My Life is too Small to be the Purpose of my Life; Stewardship is the Essence!

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Akin Ibitoye

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By Akin Ibitoye