A Talkative. A Writer

I remember God saying to me ‘I have given you a mouth and a hand‘, hence outlining the location of […]

Destination Where?

It is a well known fact that those who don’t know where to go will naturally follow someone who knows […]

Face your Book

Growing up, this was what my parents drilled into my thick skull, literally. Twenty-five years later, it turned out that […]

Planning or Wishing

When there is no clear-cut plan, the people run wild. That is a perfect analogy of the situation of our […]

Brain Picking

Brain Drain? We waste so much of our Human Resources simply because we are fortunate (or is it unfortunate) to […]

Desperate Job Snipers

Our educational institutions are churning out hundreds of thousands of desperate job hunters that are ready to carry on the […]

Thrashed Dreams

This is a depiction of the Hopes and Dreams of the average young person in Nigeria who has been sold […]


Accountability! A word so foreign to our culture that our natural instinct is to fight the originator of the idea. […]