The first time I said the words ”WORLD SHAKER” was way back October 1, 2002. For the next 5 years, I kept on telling anybody that cared/didn’t care to listen that I am a World Shaker even though I didn’t fully understand what/how exactly I would go about shaking it.

Sometime in 2007, God asked me who a World Shaker is and honestly between you and I, my head was blank; He [God] taught me right there and then that a World Shaker is someone who affects his neighbour positively i.e. someone who influences his neighbour to think/act positively; someone who adds value to another person.

The power of 1 is so strong because that 1 person has the potential to influence 1 million others the world over; ergo, do all that is within your capacity to help someone think better. It is said that you act to the best of their knowledge per time; if you know better, you will do better. If you change a person’s thoughts, you have inadvertently changed the person’s life.

If you change a person’s physical condition i.e environment, financial status, educational status but you don’t address his/her mental status, work done in changing that person’s life is zero. The person’s physical status will conform to his/her mental status. Your mental state is the driving force of your physical state, all the happenings in your mind will become your reality over time.

To improve your mental state, you have to change your mental diet [if you have any] or start one.

1. Read books that will expand your thinking and raise the limits of your mind

2. Associate with people who are making things happen [no matter how small] around you

3. Make deliberate efforts to continue learning [we all have a learning plateau every now and then] read more books, take that course, associate with that person, listen to that radio program, write to that institute, e.t.c

Today, make deliberate efforts to improve your thinking and that of the people around you and you would truly be living up to the name World Shaker!

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By Akin Ibitoye